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Water Giving Partners

  • 2 Water Giving
  • 7 countries
  • 720,000 weeks of safe water given

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Water for all

TOMS Roasting Co. purchases allow our partners to provide 140 liters of water, a week's supply to a person in need. But it goes beyond digging wells. Giving Partners support local business development and government investments to create sustainable water systems and solutions for widespread, long-term impact.

How water giving works

  1. STEP 1:

    Long-term solutions

    All water systems are designed to provide continuous service, impacting a community for generations.

  2. STEP 2:

    Local ownership

    To ensure success, water systems require ongoing financing from the local government and community.

  3. STEP 3:

    Water for all

    Each water solution is designed to provide access to safe water to every family, school and clinic in a community.

The qualities we look for

At TOMS, we understand that strong partnerships are key. Here are
some of the qualities we look for in our Water Giving Partners:

  • Develop long-term water systems

    Develop water systems that are built to last for over a decade and can support themselves with limited outside assistance.

  • Focus on community participation

    Throughout the process, community involvement is required for success.

  • Cross-sector partnership

    Partner with local and national governments, NGOs and the private sector to develop water systems.

  • Monitoring and evaluation

    Constantly monitor, evaluate and improve the system.

  • Community ownership

    Empower the local community to manage the water system over time.

Meet some of our partners

  • Water For People
  • AguaAyuda

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