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Become an affiliate partner

Become an affiliate partner with TOMS

Let’s grow the good, together

We’re in business to improve lives. This mission has been at the heart of who we are since our start in 2006. Merging profit and purpose, we invest ⅓ of our profits to help support organizations making meaningful mental health strides in their communities. 

As an affiliate, you have the power to help widen our reach and strengthen our impact—by increasing funding for our Impact Partners. 

What’s in it for you? Apart from spreading good far and wide, you’ll also earn revenue on every shipped sale—a win for you and a win for our community. 

Interested? Please apply below. Should you be accepted, we’ll provide you with a starter kit—including promotional materials for use on your website—so you can start earning commissions immediately.  

We look forward to your partnership. Wear TOMS. Wear Good.