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We believe in a future where all people have the chance to thrive. That’s why we invest ⅓ of our profits in grassroots efforts, like organizations creating change at the local level, and driving progress from the ground up.

We're in Business to Improve Lives

A group of people smiling while riding their bikes. Caption: photo courtesy of Think Outside Da Block. 1/3 of profits for Grassroots Good.

What is grassroots good?

Grassroots good is the result of a community mobilizing to address an issue they’re all impacted by, like services that are scarce, or statistics that are too high. These efforts are highly effective because they’re led by members of the community. These leaders have passion, creativity, and insights rooted in a shared experience. What they too often lack is access to financial resources that can breathe even more life into their ideas.

A group of people at a community event. Caption: photo courtesy of LIFE Camp, Inc.

Why invest in grassroots efforts?

We believe progress begins on the ground through efforts led by those closest to a community’s obstacles and opportunities. We’ve also seen how wonderfully different every community is, which means there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. By investing in grassroots efforts, we can support solutions designed to address a community’s unique needs, making them scalable and sustainable.

A youth group having fun at summer camp. Caption: photo courtesy of Brave Trails. 1/3 of profits for Grassroots Good.

Our areas of focus

Our vision is that of a thriving humanity—something we can only achieve through the relentless pursuit of equity. Equity, versus equality, takes into account individual circumstances, providing people and communities with the resources they really need. We invest in three key issue areas because we believe that together, they help lay the groundwork for equity. These are promoting mental health, ending gun violence, and increasing access to opportunity.